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Gold Advantage Publishing Plan


The Gold Advantage Publishing Plan is for authors looking for an economical way to publish your manuscript with sales on the Internet.



Every Gold Advantage Publishing Plan includes:


  1. Professional interior layout and formatting

  2. Digital Galley Proof

  3. Unique International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and Bar Code

  4. Cover will consist of the Title, Subtitle, and Author Name on a Pre-Designed Cover Background (Ask for Samples)

  5. 5 Free Books (if Paperback) 2 Free Books (if Hardcover)

  6. Author Royalty: 25% (15% on Color Books)

  7. Author Discount: starts at 45% on Paperback Books, 30% if you choose a Hardcover and 30% on Color Books

  8. Library of Congress and Books in Print Listing

  9. Internet sales on,, and many other websites

10.  Online listing and custom book page at Advantage Books online bookstore with 24/7 order, pack and ship service

11.   New Release spotlight at 


Your Investment: $1,999.00


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